The software development division of SARK solutions limited is into all phases of project, from strategic technical consulting to integration of SAP with existing SAP and non-SAP solutions, as well as migrating master and transaction data from SAP to SAP and from legacy to SAP. We rely on established methodologies and models, such as our preliminary research and approach model for project implementation.

We are also into sophisticated trader tools and risk management combine with rules-based work flow and real-time trade processing to deliver the right information to the right people.



SARK’s comprehensive portfolio of offerings span the complete life cycle of SAP enterprise solutions - enabling enterprises to transform, enhance, and optimize. Our offerings include:

Pre-implementation: SARK’s offerings in the pre-implementation stage lay the foundation for business transformation. We provide innovative solutions like Software as a Service, and help enterprises leverage SOA to develop solutions to meet their industry challenges.

Implementation: SARK supports enterprises through the implementation stage by deploying the right solutions to make them agile.

Post-implementation: In the post–implementation stage, SARK helps with upgrade, SAP health check, and SAP audit to enable enterprises maximize the value of their SAP investments.

Business Value: By Offering SAP enterprise solutions, SARK enables companies across industries benefit from the following:

-Simplied Technology Landscapes
-Integrated Process
-Streamlined Operations
-Agility and Improved Connectivity 


We handle multi asset class solution used by many institutions from global banks to hedge funds and corporate treasuries. We have delivered real-time end to end feed to depository trust and clearing corporation that provides automated matching and confirmation services for over-the counter derivatives trades and similar projects such as global valuation system, automated clearing house.

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