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Do you want to spend more time with your family than in trains travelling to work?
Are your family and friends supportive about your plans to start your own business?
Do you possess a flexible work mentality and ability to focus on different jobs, as may be required and multi-task effectively?
Are you willing to receive support and guidance, even if it does not necessarily reflect your own views or opinions?
Are you decisive, particularly when it comes to swapping employment for self-employment?
Have you given consideration to the financial impact starting a new business will involve?
Is your mindset positive when it comes to having plenty to drive, determination and perseverance?
Are you capable of dealing with high pressure and stressful situations?
Are you prepared to work hard and follow the proven business model that a franchisor provides?

If your answer to all of this is yes, then get in touch with us to know more about a business system which offers a wide range of opportunities for you to become your own boss, without the risks associated with new start-ups. Enquiries should be sent to [email protected]

Student's testimonials

Sean Rocha,
HR Executive

Thanks to the placement assistance given by SARK, I am now working in a Corporate and that too for HR-ISO Audits. Though I do not have an MBA and have an aviation background, I was able to crack the interview in the first round itself. Before joining SARK I was hesitant as to how will I shift my career from aviation to HR, but the in-depth practical training provided by them has made everything possible for me. Now I can proudly say that I belong to the HR fraternity and not to any service industry! Thank you SARK for making my career in HR.

Shaista Baig,
HR Executive
"SARK solutions ltd. provides one of the finest trainings in HR with right guidance and has excellent teaching techniques by HR Managers who work in well established firms. I personally would recommend SARK to other students as well as firms as I found it to provide excellent practical training in all aspects of HR. Even the staff at SARK are highly co-operative and supported me throughout my enrollment. But what impressed me the most was how they were always available to clear my doubts, either in person, on the phone or over by emails. Due to their placement assistance, now I am working in HR in a corporate. Thanks a lot SARK!"

Vaishali Chavan,
HR Executive
"I got valuable knowledge and confidence from SARK especially because of the faculty. After my completion of PGDHR I just got 20% knowledge but after my last lecture at SARK, I got the remaining 80% of valuable HR information. I am very thankful to SARK solutions ltd. for the valuable knowledge that I have gained which is helping me in my HR career and I know that SARK is always there to guide me. Thanks!"

Praful Dabhole,
HR Executive
"It's a real pleasure to say that I gained good knowledge about HR department from the highly experienced faculty. Everything covered in the syllabus came in handy when I went for the interview and as a result I was selected!! The faculty at SARK is fabulous and the way the training is imparted is literally spoon feeding for us. What I realized after joining SARK is that the staff and faculties are highly supportive and will go out of their way to help us out related to any HR issues. I would recommend SARK to one and all who want a break into HR, without going for an MBA in HR!!!"

Chitra Kotian,
HR Manager
"Though I am not an MBA, I got a job in Corporate as an HR Manager, that too after competing with candidates who have done their MBA from premier business schools. I'm thankful to SARK for all their training and job assistance due to which it's been a smooth ride and made it effortless for me to get a job as HR Manager. I would strongly recommend SARK solutions limited to all aspiring candidates who wish to make a career in HR. Thanks SARK for everything you have done for me."

Jyeshta Kulkarni,
HR Manager
"I took admission at SARK on a recommendation from a friend and have no regrets. I would like to thank the SARK team for all the valuable training and job assistance that they have provided. Thanks to their practical approach towards HR, I am now working as an HR Manager in a corporate, that too quite near my place. Due to lesser travel time, I am able to give time both to my professional life as well as family life. I feel SARK has the finest faculties to say the least. Pay attention during the training and you can be rest assured that everything will be perfect!"

Asif Pathan,
HR & Admin Executive
"Any apprehensions that I had about joining SARK solutions limited disappeared the minute I met the faculties. What impressed me most were their vast industry knowledge and their practical teaching methods. It was easy to trust their judgment because they are not in-house trainers but are working in reputed organizations as HR Managers or HR Heads. Thanks to their vast contacts that now I am working as an HR & Admin Executive in Dubai. Joining SARK solutions limited is definitely the best "HR practical training" related decision one can make. Not only I but all of my friends who joined will attest to this fact."

Unnatee Devkule,
"I am very grateful to you Sir and M'am who have guided me throughout the practical training in HR. I did not know anything at the start but it was them who helped me in each and every step and because of their excellent support I have a good grasp on the subject. I hope your organization grows from strength to strength and M'am thank u so much for guiding me and I hope I didn't irritate you with all my questions :-) Thanks for clearing all my queries. M'am and Sir, thank u so much!!"

Ganesh Kulkarni, Entrepreneur-HR Consultancy
I always wanted to be my own boss and I am proud of my decision to choose SARK for HR training. It was a memorable experience to be trained by the highly experienced faculty. Practical training was conducted in an excellent way, easy to understand and up to the mark. Post training support is the best part over here as it will help me in my business ahead. It was a nice experience at SARK, with better learning and practically useful knowledge. Thanks a lot SARK!!!

Vijeta H Daine,
HR Executive

It was a pleasant experience, learned a lot of things related to HRM. Surprise tests were conducted so that we come to know how much we retain whatever is taught in class. In short, I am completely satisfied with the practical training provided.

Priya Pandey,

I am preparing for my MBA and I came to know many things at the training at SARK which I was unaware. Tests were conducted regularly to understand where we lack and what all we know. Overall, it was a great pleasure to study and gain knowledge from SARK. The knowledge gained will be helpful for me to crack my MBA preparatory exams.

Ruhina Sheikh,

It was quite an experience at SARK. The practical training gave me an in-depth knowledge of working of HR. Good examples were used during training which will help in retaining whatever learned. Trainings were also flexible. Regular tests conducted helped me to revise all that was taught in the class. All in all a good experience.

Anil Kumar,
HR Executive

The training was conducted in a professional manner. The overall topics covered in the class were absolutely new information to me and I am getting the opportunity to implement it at the time of interview. The faculty is excellent and has a helping nature.

Pankaj Borkar,
Management Trainee

Effective and good knowledge sharing; timely and with proper justifications; the modules were generic and also the notes and study materials given were excellent. The ever helpful and highly knowledgeable trainers were willing to solve any queries at any given point of time.

Deepali Shinde,
HR Executive

Training was good, got to learn a lot of basic things as well as in-depth of generalist, recruitment and payroll. The classes were adjusted as per the convenience of students so we did not miss out on any lectures. Faculties are excellent. They shared a lot of experience with the students and explained a lot of things personally. They used to cross question us which helped us to gain a lot of valuable industry knowledge. Thanks SARK for providing us with individual attention.

Aarti Dwivedi,
HR Executive

I have done my MBA from a premier business school but was lacking in practical knowledge which is far more important than any degree. But in SARK solutions, I got the practical industry experience which otherwise would not have been possible. Our trainer was very good and being from the HR industry she did not have to refer to any book as she shared most of her work experience. She taught us everything about HR and helped when we got stuck up somewhere.

Pragati Borkar,

Practical training was excellent. I learnt a lot of new things that will help me in near future at my wok place. It improved my job understanding a lot. This training also helped me to understand what happens in actual job scenario. Trainer was excellent and gave good training regarding all aspects of HR. We were given individual attention to understand each and every point related to generalist, recruitment and payroll.

Aarti Manjrekar,
Sr.HR Executive

Initially I was worried as to where should I get the practical training in HR. But when I joined SARK, I must say that I got beyond what I paid for!! A big thanks to SARK for this. I have taken up HR due to my past experiences but after meeting my trainer, I started taking active interest in human resource. Our trainer is fantastic and a lively person & we all enjoyed every moment of the lecture. I am so impressed that my trainer has become my “idol”. Due to SARK, I got a job in an IT company, that too near my home, at a salary matching my expectations. Thanks SARK for whatever I got over here!

Bhagyashree Padghankar,
HR Executive

The training was really good and I came to know various aspects of HR of which I was not aware. At SARK I came to know the current practical scenario of the corporate world and I was trained on the same platform. My trainers were very friendly and helpful and they always cleared my doubts. The method of training was excellent and I would like to thank them personally for all their support.

Usha Mellam,
HR Executive

I did not know the basics of HR but due to this training I came to know how an HR professional operates on the floor. The method of training was really awesome because I am an average learner but even then I was able to understand and grasp the subject. This training will help me throughout my life. The way we were taught was amazing because I was not good at listening but due to my trainers the lectures became more interesting which boosted my interest levels. I am so impressed that I want to be like my trainer in my professional life.

Archana Katakdhond,
HR Executive

Practical training very good. Related knowledge in HR helpful for freshers like me. Systematic training combined with tests and relevant examples. I wish I had done training from here earlier. Corporate trainer is very sweet, cooperative, professional, knowledgeable, goes into minute details with scenarios and relevant examples. Though being a fresher, I got selected in a corporate owing to my training at SARK as my management wanted me to implement what all I have learnt at SARK, in the organization. I got a good guide at the right time.

Prachi Kamble,
HR Executive

I have attended the exhaustive training sessions and found out that it is going to be very useful for my future. We got all the study materials which is relevant to HR industry. Got in-depth knowledge on payroll like salary breakup, attendance maintenance, salary processing etc… Overall it is training worth recommending.

Tina Fernandes,
Sr. Officer HR

It was really a good decision to undergo training from SARK as I was able to understand many aspects of HR of which I was not aware. Trainers are excellent and they have made me understand each and every point of HR, always cleared our doubts and resolved any queries related to HR. They picked up current scenarios to make us understand things which have helped me to pick up the information very fast.